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  ♦ October 2015


Clubs are starting to move towards a single software solution for their club management software including accounting, website, POS, and mobile to name a few. The efficiencies to management and benefits to the membership are driving this move.

Today’s boards are aware of this trend in software in their own businesses. With new IT committees at clubs getting involved, they are becoming part of the push to move technology forward, to collect better information and expand member options and services. In the past, the accounting department alone made the IT decisions for the club, but today, with a total club impact, usually a committee including the management team and the IT committee or board now work together in deciding the clubs IT and software needs.

Items to consider when looking at software whether current or new:
  • Do all modules tie into accounting
  • How well do member communications work
  • Will it improve the member experience
  • Will it expedite information transfer
  • Is it user friendly on all levels
  • Does it cover our clubs current and future needs
  • Can it expand with and adapt to new technology
With a new generation of members embracing technology at home and in their businesses, the expectation to offer the same at the club are a given.

Transaction Origination Is Making The Difference.
Remember when member transactions started with a pencil and chit that went to the office? Now charges go by point of sale from staff. With today’s mobile and websites, charges will be entered more by the member, through reservations, including dining, tee times, court, hotel, lessons, spa, and salon. Whether we like it or not, members will be looking for more interaction from the clubs management software than ever before.

Online Document Storage Makes Sense.

Quick retrieval of documents, no storage space and other intangibles, such as the ability for staff to retrieve information usually stored somewhere at the club and difficult to find make this a no brainer. In some cases documents are stored off site or occupy valuable space. Think about the cost of time! With Online Digital Storage, as examples, your invoices are in AP, member applications and letters are in the accounting member files, making them easy to find and manage. Departments have access to view only their information, so no more having the superintendent calling for last year’s fertilizer bills!

Online Approval for Invoices.
And if you store your invoices online, why not approve them that way? With the right security and digital signatures in place, online payables for clubs will become a more efficient way of processing invoices. No more waiting for a committee member’s to drive to the club or department heads to approve invoices. Auditors like the fact that all controls are enforced, and digital signatures verify approvals.

Paperless Checks Are Coming.
Big business pays their bills electronically. You do it at home. How long before clubs start paying their bills the same way? Tied into digital document storage and invoice approval, the paper starts to go away!

What’s Improved at Expert Club Software?

Tee Times, Court Reservations, Lessons, Dining, Hotel and more. This links directly to all the appropriate point of sale terminals allowing managers, starters, and professionals to confirm, deny or change a reservation request and send an email and/or text message directly to the member to confirm.

Note: All reservations, tee times and court reservations are requests, and do not become an actual reservation until the manager, or pro has approved the request.

Our catering module has been improved to include editable form letters, new forecasting and P&L reporting by GL, document attachment, expanded email capabilities, new calendar interfaces, and as always, all charges can be posted to general ledger. Since our catering module is web based the calendar can be viewed from anywhere using a smart phone, an iPad or any internet-enabled device. Designed for clubs by club professionals, it’s the perfect catering module for clubs!

Managers Mobile Portal
Management can look up on their smart phone, staff punch-ins, member roster, vendor information, club and catering calendars. They can also make dining reservations and tee/racquets times for members on the fly that now show up for the starters or dining room managers. No more walking around with a crumpled chit in your pocket with a members reservation for dinner...

Web Sites for Clubs
New site designs and layouts with new features to both the full and member’s mobile site. Our complete reservations system on the web and mobile site includes dining reservations, tee times, court reservations, hotel reservations as well as and training and lesson reservations. Websites can be setup to work with Smart TV displays showing “Your Club Today” displaying flyers, calendar of events, weather, etc..
Members that have a question on a charge when viewing online statements can click on the email icon to send a copy of the charge to accounting and the department where the charge originated with questions and comments.
Want to see how integration works? Updating daily specials on the POS lets members see them on their phone or the website. Members can place orders from their phone, charging their account, and printing in the snack bar for pick up. Reservations from member devices show on POS terminals or back office ready for confirmations.

The New Wine Tablet

Provide your members with a wine tablet that not only shows the description and pricing but also the inventory remaining. All possible because it’s integrated to the POS system. When the last bottle is ordered, it no longer appears on the tablet, or on the POS. No more embarrassing moments.

Up and Coming:

We are currently working with new hardware products in the industry called ruggedized tablets, meant to withstand high heat and humidity with extra-long battery life. These new tablets will work well with beach, pool, patio, or marina service from a roaming server without the worries of reading the screen, heat or low battery performance. These same units with an LTE option allow servers to charge on the golf course for beverage carts or remote stations where Wi-Fi is not an option.

Editors Opinion:
Club software has evolved from an accounting function to a club management tool that all departments should be involved with. So often we hear that the club controller does not want to change, when the change really has nothing to do with accounting. Software now allows for members to stay in touch with their club through their smart phone or their computer. It allows them to sign up for events, make reservations, contact other members, and so much more. At Expert, we feel the move to a new software solution is 90% about the membership and 10% about accounting.
Any questions on the above? Call us at 1-800-318-0542 or email at